Welcome to Lost In House NYC.  Founded in 2005 as an independent record label to help spread the gospel of house music…  Founded by label head Leon Koronis with label consultant Anthony Martinez of Future Primitive and includes label partner Dylan Drazen.


“Our mission is to provide a platform for independent artists, underground producers, and djs to express themselves through their music and to help share with the world just good underground house and techno that is true to the roots of house and the sound of NY underground.

Since its creation, Lost In House has released music from countless new artists and legendary veterans alike, helping to start and further the careers of many artists and djs and at the same time includes some of the most respected names of the global underground house scene in its discography, from NYC and all over the world.  Through the years, thanks to these artists and the community they help to build, the label has continued to grow, and so does our mission.

The industry has changed greatly since the 90’s, since the early days, and so has the culture.  It is progress.  But underground, once the drive behind NY house culture, and one of the main factors for creating Lost In House, has been more and more replaced with commercialism, and this thing called house is driven almost entirely by money.  Sadly “underground” has become a punch line.  And I hate to say its all about money now, but its all about money now!

But there is a lot of underground still out there.  Those who are in this for the right reasons…  not the drugs, and the parties, and the festivals, and the scene…  but the MUSIC.  Lost In House is now relaunching its website with a new look and website user interface, giving more back to you, the consumer.  Everything is for free, and made available to you, the listener.  I have decided to take a new approach in our presentation.  Less business and a more personal approach, almost auto biographical in the message, to make your experience here more involved and personal.  A little less about just Lost In House the label, and a little more about HOUSE, the music.  A back to grass roots mentality… back to underground.  We are just a small part of something much bigger than ourselves, and are happy to have done our part; whether it is working with clubs and underground venues, helping to organize a live DJ set event or underground house party, radio shows and podcasts, or just simply provide information about the label and share some history and information about house music, and the heroes and legends who made this possible.

We continue with the mission… for it is a labor of love.  And we remain steadfast and true to our purpose.  Its all about the music, always has been, always will.  Thank you for coming and I hope you enjoy your visit and experience here with us.  You are welcome!


Lost In House NYC…  where underground still lives.”


-Leon NYC

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